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A lightweight and easy to use text editing utility with minimalist interface that helps you seamlessly write or modify documents

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When writing a free text, it is important to keep it plain, clean and simple. Certain applications, such as SSuite Writer's D'Lite can offer you enhanced text editing functionality without covering your screen with a multitude of buttons and menus.

A fast and dependable text editor with a clean layout

The program helps you edit or write texts without being overwhelmed by the plethora of menus and buttons. This way, you can easily focus on writing your ideas or stories.

Furthermore, SSuite Writer's D'Lite supports all the necessary shortcut keys for quick text editing, giving you an advantage when pasting text from other sources.

Besides the common cut, copy or paste features, the text editor can easily help you better position the page when writing text, by adjusting the eye level, so that you will always have a comfortable position when you are checking your document.

Advanced document writer that offers text statistics

The application provides you with advanced text statistics, that update as you write your document. This way, you can easily view how many words have you written or how many characters your final document has.

Additionally, you have the possibility to calculate approximately how many words you wrote at each phrase, as the program computes all this. You can also export your text to PDF, so that it looks more professional.

A minimalist, yet rich featured document editor with user-friendly interface

SSuite Writer's D'Lite provides you with a stable and clean environment for document writing and editing. Aside from that, you can export your documents to PDF, or change the heading and spacing of your document to a cleaner and wider size.

By using the application, you will have no problem creating and editing texts, as you are provided with most tools required to properly write documents.

SSuite Writer's D'Lite was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on January 20th, 2015
SSuite Writer's D'Lite - SSuite Writer's D'Lite allows you to seamlessly write and edit text, all through a minimalist interface.SSuite Writer's D'Lite - By right-clicking on the main window, you can change the page view or export your document.

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