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A reliable and feature-packed software utility that can be used as a multi-tabbed text editor, a hash calculator and a word finder

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If you too have come to the conclusion that Notepad cannot satisfy your text editing necessities, you can rely on third-party alternatives that can not only fix the issues found in Notepad, but they also bring to the table more complex and reliable functions. For example, you can try Notepad!.

This application installs without any issues and comes with a highly intuitive graphic interface that enables both novices and experts to make the most of its features with little effort.

You can start by creating a new project or you can open a file from your computer - considering that Notepad! supports more types of files other than text, you can also select HTML, INI, CSS, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, VBScript files and many others more.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop any of these items onto the main window of the application so as to open it, access its contents and highlight the syntax.

Regarding the supported functions, you can indent or unindent blocks, activate word wrap and special characters, find and replace words or phrases then preview the document map.

Additionally, you can calculate the checksum for a certain text fragment, the entire document or a chosen file, while keeping in mind that several types of algorithms are supported (CRC32, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 or RIPE-MD160).

Not only can you rely on Notepad! to trim and sort lines, or remove the blank ones, but you can also export the current project as RTF and HTML or print it.

All in all, Notepad! can prove to more than just a replacement for the outdated Notepad, as it can become a reliable utility for programmers, no matter how exigent they might be with their software. Notepad! was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 11th, 2015
13 Notepad! - The main window of Notepad! enables users to open existing files or to create new ones from Notepad! - The Advanced tab is the place where users can export their files to RTF or HTML and remove blank Notepad! - screenshot Notepad! - screenshot Notepad! - screenshot Notepad! - screenshot Notepad! - screenshot Notepad! - screenshot Notepad! - screenshot Notepad! - screenshot Notepad! - screenshot Notepad! - screenshot Notepad! - One can rely on Notepad! to copy, cut or paste text, as well as indent or unindent blocks

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