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Simple-to-handle piece of software that comes bundled with limited features for helping you write user-defined text messages right on your desktop

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Transparent Text Editor is a small software application designed with a single goal in mind: to help you write personalized text messages right on your screen.

Simple looks

You are welcomed by a minimalistic panel that offers only a few configuration settings to play with. The tool was designed with an overall simplicity in mind, so all actions can be carried out with minimal effort.

How it works

Basically, it proves to be extremely easy to work with this tool, as you only need to type in the text message directly into the main window or upload it from other third-party programs. When opting for pasting text from other applications, you should take into consideration that the output results are very poor.

By default, Transparent Text Editor places the user-defined text on top of other windows. In order to enlarge the area where you write the text message, you need to drag the tool’s corners. Additionally, the app offers support for deletion operations.

The lack of customization parameters makes it an ideal program especially for less experienced users. However, several features are welcomed for improving the overall performance of the utility, as you cannot alter the text message in terms of size, color, font, and font style, and adjust the text transparency.

Bottom line

To sum it up, Transparent Text Editor proves to be a simplistic piece of software that comes bundled with limited features for helping you write custom text messages right on your desktop. It cannot compete with other similar apps on the market, as it lacks support for advanced functions.

Transparent Text Editor was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on May 17th, 2014
Transparent Text Editor - Transparent Text Editor places the text you write on top of any other application.

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