Ultra-Pad! 2.1.3 Beta Build 13

Simple word processing application that mixes Notepad and WordPad functions and incorporate more complex features such spell-checking

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What's new in Ultra-Pad! 2.1.3 Beta Build 13:

  • Changed the Toolbar... Now the Toolbar Background is now themed according to your selected Skin... NOTE: Only the Toolbar Background and Highlight are Skinned, NO Support for Toolbar Icons Yet, Support for toolbar icons are in the planning stage...
  • Set the Default Theme from Wood to The Cool Snow Effect Theme...
  • Removed the Minimize to System Tray Option because For some reason during the bug fix release it quit working, I have no plans on reimplementing it, nobody really uses it that I know of.If you want it reimplemented contact me and let me know...
  • Added Three New Toolbar Buttons (1) - Theme Button, (2) - Online References Button and (3) - Help Button...
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Michael J. Hardy
3.2/5 9
C: \ Office tools \ Text editors
3 Ultra-Pad! Screenshots:
Ultra-Pad! - The main window of Word-Pad! software where you will be able to enter the text that you want to process.Ultra-Pad! - Insert Symbols window of Word-Pad! software where you will be able to select the symbols that you want to insert.Ultra-Pad! - Options window of Word-Pad! software where you will be able to select from Dictionary, Thesaurus, or Internet Search options.
Ultra-Pad has been created as a better alternative to the WordPad application available in Windows.

Installation process, main screen

The installation routine is pretty easy to carry out but attention should be paid during the process because the application attempts to automatically associate opening TXT, RTF and INI documents with it.

Looks are not exactly common as the default skin makes the application seem like it is missing something. Turning off the theme brings to the table a more familiar look.

Most of the options are available in the upper part of the screen, while in the lower part you can view the storage location of the current document and the number of lines and columns.


Font-related options include the possibility to change the type, size and format as well as to alter alignment. Additionally, Ultra-Pad provides settings for modifying line spacing or applying some indentation.

Switching the case for a text selection is also on the list, with options to change all letters to upper or lower case, capitalizing each word or applying sentence case. Moreover, insert symbols and characters is on the list of choices as well.

However, this is all to be expected, but Ultra-Pad has a more eccentric side that involves sound effects, one of them mimicking typing on a mechanical typewriter.

It may be pretty cool at the beginning but after a phrase or two it turns into a very annoying deal. The same can be said of the audio announcing that the current focus is on Ultra-Pad.


The application is a mix between WordPad and a more elaborate word processing application. It does not raise to the highest standard and its looks are out-of-time but it does incorporate some interesting options that can almost rival with some of the modern word processors on the market.

Ultra-Pad! was reviewed by , last updated on March 19th, 2014

Runs on: Windows All

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