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This simple to use utility offers you the possibility to delete unwanted characters from texts, such as line-returns, spaces and tabs

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UnWrap is a lightweight and user-friendly application designed to help you clean up pieces of text copied from an email that are difficult to read due to prefixes and symbol characters.

The software aims to resolve the problem that occurs when you try to insert an email to a text document and it automatically pastes with unwanted characters. Return lines, prefixes or brackets encumber the text and make it troublesome for user reading.

Simple imports

UnWrap identifies the original message and re-writes the text, without the unwanted elements. You can paste the lines automatically when you click on the UnWrap button, if the text is copied to clipboard. Otherwise, you can import a TXT file and let the program extract the message from its content.

The application displays the plain text in the lower box and optionally you can export it to a pre-selected document.

Re-writing texts

The program identifies certain tags, such as Message sent, Subject or To, that can be customized, depending on the syntax used by the email service. Optionally, you can chose to remove blank spaces, tab spaces or a specified character, like parentheses, commas, curly brackets, Trademark signs or other symbols.

UnWrap can apply alternating text formatting rules regarding the line returns: it can keep or remove all returns and it can delete isolated line-returns while keeping double consecutive line-returns a new paragraph.

Additionally, it can delete all returns in columns greater than a specified value. You may choose which of these protocols you want to apply to your text. When encountering multiple spaces, the program can collapse them all to a single space, as well as align the lines by translating the tabs to a certain value of spaces.


UnWrap is a useful application for text cleansing, capable of trimming unwanted characters at the beginning of the lines or deleting line-returns and replacing them with spaces. The program can also format a text by creating the correct line endings and number or rows.

UnWrap was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 10th, 2014
UnWrap - UnWrap is a useful tool that allows you to import pieces of emails from clipboard and strip them of the brackets.UnWrap - UnWrap also supports importing text documents, in order to extract lines from it and format them.UnWrap - You can select the input file, containing the text source for unwrapping, as well as the output document.UnWrap - screenshot #4UnWrap - screenshot #5

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