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An intuitive text editor that allows users to write English or Urdu text messages while offering support for a bilingual interface, virtual Urdu keyboard, and other editing tools

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Urdu Editor is a lightweight Windows text editor built specifically for helping users write Urdu and English text messages in a clean working environment.

The program comes packed with a bilingual interface and a virtual Urdu keyboard. It comes in handy for all users who want to learn the Urdu language with minimum effort.

Urdu Editor sports an intuitive layout that gives users the possibility to customize the text messages in term of font style, size, color, and alignment.

What’s more, you can perform basic editing operations, such as cut, copy, paste, or delete, import information from plain text files, insert pictures (BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG), and adjust their size, position, and rotation angle.

The application enables users to increase or decrease the space between lines, zoom in or out, customize the Urdu keyboard by changing the English keys for the Urdu symbols, limit the number of lines and symbols for a line, pick a default color for the text and accents, and perform search and replace operations.

Plus, you can import information from plain text files and print the text messages, copy them to the Clipboard, or save them to a file.

During our testing we have noticed that the program carries out a task quickly and without errors throughout the entire process. It doesn’t eat up CPU or memory, so it doesn’t slow down the system, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality.

All things considered, Urdu Editor provides an intuitive layout and many useful features for helping you write Urdu or English text messages with ease and efficiently.

Urdu Editor was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on September 12th, 2013
Urdu Editor - Urdu Editor will help you quickly and easily write Urdu and English simultaneously with powerful toolsUrdu Editor - Users will be able to access options such as Colours Setup or Change Urdu / Latin Letters Only from the Format menuUrdu Editor - The Keyboard menu will provide users with Show / Hide / Edit or Use Large Keyboard optionsUrdu Editor - screenshot #4Urdu Editor - screenshot #5Urdu Editor - screenshot #6Urdu Editor - screenshot #7

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