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Take advantage of this lightweight application that puts a text editor at your disposal, as well as providing access to several web pages

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Text editing applications are found in various shapes, size and functionality. Amongst them is Xenzia Word Processor Deluxe, a lightweight utility in which you can write down text and kill time with several other features.

Basic functions set of a text editor

Running the application brings up your main workspace which raises a few questions regarding the design. It only provides a compact view of your page, regardless of how much you stretch the main window.

You are not limited to content, but it tends to get rather difficult to navigate through, with no sliders or page count. A side panel provides access to several font and document state related options. Again, in terms of design, it leaves something to be desired.

Go online and kill time with extras

Amongst the basic text editor, the application puts several more tools at your disposal. Two of the three tabs take you on some of the most commonly used search engines, but the lack of navigation buttons make usability extremely limited.

Additionally, you can access a dictionary placed in one of the tabs mentioned above. Moreover, arriving at the “Options and Extras” does little else than to display a calendar.

A counter is available, but it has no use, as you can only attribute it a number, with no results. There are also two loading bars which manage to steal several seconds of your precious time, still lacking any precise functions.

In terms of compatibility, you can only save and load RTF files, further reducing the application's usability.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Word Processor Deluxe tries to bring a little innovation to text editing, but only manages to spread a cloud of confusion. Although kept simple, the interface is anything but intuitive. Overall, it only manages to provide a method of passing the time.

Xenzia Word Processor Deluxe was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 13th, 2014
Xenzia Word Processor DeluxeXenzia Word Processor Deluxe

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