ABCD-book on Russian. A. Chekhov. A Horsey Name

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Electronic book ‘3-in-1` contains the text, vocabulary notes and the audiobook.




This project was created especially for self-tuition Russian language. Unlike traditional educational texts, fiction gives the full representation about all subtleties and nuances of studied language, its dictionary turns and idioms which you will not meet in a phrase-book.

Reading original literature in language, you not only get acquainted with the language, but also get into the logic of thinking of the native speaker owning it from the cradle. Simultaneously you get acquainted with historically developed cultural values of the society which language you study.

One of the advantages of our method is that it gives you a unique opportunity to so-called ‘start from nothing, even without any language base, comprehending knowledge directly when fascinating reading, but not exhausting yourself with tiresome lessons according to time-table and cramming new words.

Unlike numerous language courses and trainings reading is possible at any time convenient for you. Naturally, the result will depend on efforts you make yourself and your own wishes.

"ABCD-book. The audiobook with the vocabulary" is an electronic book ‘3 in 1`, containing an original text of the work of art, a sounded vocabulary of all the words and the audiobook with flexible opportunities of management of listening. The interface of the book is simple and clear even to not very tempted user. The opportunity to see translation of every word and also to listen to its pronunciation by one click of the mouse will deliver you pleasure of comfortable reading.

The opportunity of listening of both the whole text of the book read by the performer and separate phrases will allow you to catch nuances of the pronunciation, and the synchronization with the text of the book will help to fill the structure of language.

We hope that reading with us will help you to study Russian quickly and without any difficulties.
Last updated on June 21st, 2009
ABCD-book on Russian. A. Chekhov. A Horsey Name - This is the main window of ABCD-book on Russian. A. Chekhov. A Horsey Name from where you can listen the featured story.ABCD-book on Russian. A. Chekhov. A Horsey Name - From the Options window you can enable or disable the save read position option.