Book Bazaar Reader for Windows 8

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An efficient and user-friendly application for Windows 8 that is meant to help you find and read books from the web or your own computer

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Book Bazaar Reader is an appealing and easy to handle piece of software developed specifically for devices running Windows 8 as an operating system, aimed to provide literature enthusiasts with the means of locating books on various public online sources.

Straightforward and well-structured appearance

The utility features a streamlined and attractive user-interface, similar to many Metro apps, making it simple to handle both on swipe screens and on desktop computers.

The main window of Book Bazaar Reader lists the items that are to be found in your library, individualizing the ones that you are currently reading, so you can return to where you left off without too much trouble.

Download books to your computer and read them in a comfortable environment

Book Bazaar Reader allows you to add new entries from a variety of sources, namely ‘From OPDS Catalogs’, ‘From File’ (locally stored items), ‘From Internet’ (by entering the corresponding URL addresses to download the books) or ‘From Shared Clipboard’.

The ‘OPDS Catalogs’ section offers you access to reading material from a wide array of sources, including Guttenberg, ManyBooks, FeedBooks, even featuring entries from non-English websites (French, Polish, German, Chinese, Russian, and others).

Each source organizes its contents differently (based on genre, popularity, or other criteria), but you can browse through the existing sections and select the items that appeal to you. Book Bazaar Reader supports MOBI, EPUB, TXT, PDF and FB2 format files, allowing you to download whichever one you prefer or is available.

When reading a book, you benefit from page flipping effects, as well as the ability to customize the font type, color and size, the line spacing and the margins, along with the page settings. Similarly, you can create and apply highlights and bookmarks, or you can jump back and forth between chapters, thanks to the ‘Table of Contents’ component.

An interesting reading app for Windows 8

In conclusion, Book Bazaar Reader proves to be a useful and intuitive application that you can rely on for finding free books in numerous public sources and saving them to your PC, so you can read them whenever you want.

Book Bazaar Reader for Windows 8 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Book Bazaar Reader for Windows 8 - The main window of Book Bazaar Reader for Windows 8 displays the books you currently have in your libraryBook Bazaar Reader for Windows 8 - From the options bar you can add new books, from OPDS catalogs, from the Internet or from your computerBook Bazaar Reader for Windows 8 - The OPDS Catalogs section allows you to find free books from a variety of topics and sourcesBook Bazaar Reader for Windows 8Book Bazaar Reader for Windows 8Book Bazaar Reader for Windows 8Book Bazaar Reader for Windows 8Book Bazaar Reader for Windows 8Book Bazaar Reader for Windows 8Book Bazaar Reader for Windows 8

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