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A reliable and useful software that helps you to easily open, view and read ePub books, documents and files, as well as to convert ePub to other formats

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While distributing books and documents in older formats like PDF, DOC or RTF is still very common for the majority of users, newer formats like the one for electronic publications, or EPUB in short, gain more and more ground.

Favoring specialized hardware devices, like e-book readers, or software applications that are especially designed for the more recent file types, this kind of written material supports embedding images as well as metadata and even multimedia content.

Among the many emerging utilities that target the above mentioned format, ePub Reader for Windows aims to cater to all the needs of e-book fans who give it a go. Through a friendly interface, all commands are neatly delimited and made available for all users.

Mostly focusing on how the EPUB files are displayed, the program comes with zoom in and zoom out functions which are accompanied by a button for displaying the document in its original size and another for making it fit the current view.

As soon as a file is loaded from the main window of ePub Reader for Windows, the e-book structure is decoded and displayed inside the left-side panel. Thus, one can checkout everything, starting from the cover and going through contents and chapters.

A neat feature of this particular software solution is its ability to turn EPUB fils into Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. All you have to do is load a book and then press the 'Convert' button that will initialize the conversion process on the spot.

All in all, ePub Reader for Windows performs quite well and can a viable choice for all users who are on the lookout for a specialized tool that can read and even convert e-books from the same, friendly GUI.

ePub Reader for Windows was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on October 24th, 2014
ePub Reader for Windows - ePub Reader for Windows will help you easily open, view and read ePub books, documents and files, as well as to convert ePub to other formatsePub Reader for Windows - The Convert menu will provide users with two options for converting their e-books to PDF or JPG file formats

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