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A lightweight and very easy to use application that allows you to open and view Kindle books, navigate through them and copy content

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Free Kindle Reader is a nice little piece of software that is designed especially for those who need to quickly open a Kindle eBook on their computer. It’s a tool created to help out when you want to continue your lecture but your device is malfunctioning or you don't have one but want to read the book.

Easy to install and use

Free Kindle Reader installs in a couple of seconds and requires no special configuration for it to be able to open .azw files. When launched, it presents a neat and clean user interface which displays all of the application’s commands in plain sight or in easily accessible menus.

From its main window you are able to load a book, navigate through each page using previous and next commands, or even scroll directly to the first or last page if you need to. Zooming in and out is also allowed so you can easily make sense of the text you have in front of you.

Fit for basic use

Free Kindle Reader comes as a basic tool for those who just want to read an eBook. Apart from a simple search function, the application offers no other handy features. You can’t highlight text, take notes or add annotations.

Moreover, it doesn’t seem to memorize the books you open and that’s a big inconvenience. Not only can’t you navigate to a specific page, but when you resize the main window to refit the text, the page count resets according to the new amount of text that appears in it.

You do however get to copy content to Clipboard and afterwards to another application that can handle text or send it through a chat environment.


To sum things up, Free Kindle Reader is easy to use and it does offer a simple solution for opening Kindle books but the lack of more advanced features and the rather poor performance of existing ones barely make it practical.

Free Kindle Reader was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
Free Kindle Reader - Free Kindle Reader enables you to open Kindle specific files on your computer so you can read the books.Free Kindle Reader - From the View menu, the user can find a specific word within the book, navigate through the pages as well as zoom in or out.

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