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Simple to use e-book reader designed for ePUB file format that and it relies on keyboard shortcuts for navigating through digital books

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The technological advances have changed plenty aspects in our lives and one of them is the way we read books.

The physical items are less and less sought even by avid readers in favor of their digital versions because of their versatility in terms of navigation but also because they do not take any of the physical space in the home of the user.

Simple looks, few options

PC ePub Reader is a simple solution designed for reading digital books in ePub format. Its purpose is to make reading on the computer a more comfortable activity.

The developer advertises it as a robust ebook reading application that does not fail you when other e-readers do or when compatibility issues on other devices prevent you from accessing the desired content.

Its looks are minimalist and the main panel shows all the shortcuts and options PC ePub Reader makes available. Navigating through the book is done by using the page Up/Down keys for skipping from page to page or the arrow keys for scrolling up and down and moving from chapter to chapter.

The application also relies on Function keys to toggle the visibility of the table of contents (TOC) or to turn on noght-mode, a feature that should make reading easier on the eyes at night time.

However, while testing the product we encountered some books that would not be affected by this feature and only the TOC would change its color, the actual text remaining the same.

Reading experience

PC ePub Reader does not offer anything more than loading the structure of the book complete with chapters. There is little customization to be made because there are no options for tweaking up the text or for assigning bookmarks to pages.


The application has little more to offer than loading up books in ePub format and allowing you to navigate through the chapters. On the other hand, it is easy to use and there is little to configure.

PC ePub Reader was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on August 24th, 2015
PC ePub Reader - PC ePub Reader’s main application window presents some brief instructions about using itPC ePub Reader - As soon as an ePUB file is loaded the program automatically scans its structure to make available the chaptersPC ePub Reader - Right-clicking in the table of contents (TOC) allows you to switch the application to night-modePC ePub Reader - screenshot #4

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