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With this simple and intuitive application, you can easily open and browse through the contents of your MOBI format files, in just a few clicks

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SDR Free Mobi Reader is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software developed specifically for the MOBI format, a popular extension among ebooks, providing you with an easy means of accessing the contents of such files with the least amount of effort.

Clean and intuitive looks

After a swift and uneventful installation, you can launch the program from the shortcut that it places on your desktop, for easier access.

SDR Free Mobi Reader is very simple and intuitive, requiring no previous experience with similar software to figure out how to handle it properly.

The adjustable main window features a toolbar with all the functions that you can use when reading ebooks, but these can also be found in the application's menus, namely 'File' and 'View'.

Choose your MOBI and start reading

To get started, you can use the 'Open' button from the toolbar or the equivalent option from the 'File' menu, browsing through your computer and locating the item that you wish to work with. At the same time, SDR Free Mobi Reader supports drag and drop, meaning you can just drop the ebook onto the tool's main window.

Subsequently, you can 'Zoom In' or 'Zoom Out', depending on your needs, which will increase or decrease the size of the font. The arrows allow you to jump to the next or previous page, for easier navigation.

Moreover, SDR Free Mobi Reader features a 'Find' option that enables you to look for a specific term throughout the document, highlighting the found occurrences. At the same time, you can select a portion of text with your mouse, then use the 'Copy' function and keep the text in clipboard or paste it in another window.

Efficient MOBI viewer

All in all, SDR Free Mobi Reader is quite handy and reliable, as it allows you to open this type of ebooks on your computer, which might otherwise be inaccessible to you unless you have a certain type of device that supports them.

SDR Free Mobi Reader was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 4th, 2014
SDR Free Mobi Reader - The main window of SDR Free Mobi Reader allows you to open the file you want to use and browse through itSDR Free Mobi Reader - From the File menu, you can open another MOBI file or access a recently read documentSDR Free Mobi Reader - The View menu enables you to zoom in or out of the page or find a specific element in the file's contents

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