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An appealing and easy to understand application for Windows 8.1 which is meant to provide you with access to any book you may want to read

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Scribd is a lightweight and intuitive piece of software developed specifically for devices using Windows 8.1 as an operating system, as it can only installed from the Store.

The application aims to offer book enthusiasts with the ability to read literature from a wide array of genres and topics, ranging from classics to latest appearances, from countless publishing houses.

Neatly-structured and accessible looks

Scribd’s main window displays a series of books which may appeal to you, organized into well-defined categories, such as ‘Recommended For You’, ‘New York Times Bestselling Authors’ or ‘Scrib Selects’.

The ‘Browse’ tab of the program enables you to look through the available literature genres, for instance ‘History’, ‘Romance’, ‘Travel’, ‘Fantasy’, as well as ‘Other Content’, like ‘Legal Forms’, ‘Maps’, or ‘Instruction Manuals’.

Add your favorite books to your library and read them at your own pace

Scribd allows you to access any book you want and read it on the spot, displaying a progress percentage to let you know how far along you are. The table of contents lets you jump to any chapter you want, and you also have the possibility of adding bookmarks on pages that grab your attention.

From a dedicated menu, you can adjust the ‘Display Options’ to ‘Day’, ‘Sepia’ or ‘Night’ mode, modify the font style and size, or choose the preferred scroll type (horizontal or vertical). From the same location, you can manage your ‘Bookmarks’, while the ‘Search’ function enables you to locate a word or phrase inside the contents of the current book.

A handy book reader for your device

To summarize, Scribd for Windows 8.1 is an appealing and user-friendly utility that you can resort to if you want to read all your favorite books on your computer, phone or tablet, all while being able to access countless titles from multiple publishing houses.

Scribd for Windows 8.1 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Scribd for Windows 8.1 - The main window of Scribd for Windows 8.1 allows you to view the latest book additionsScribd for Windows 8.1 - From the Browse tab, you can look through the various categories of books and pick one to readScribd for Windows 8.1 - When reading a book, you can track how much you have gone through and click on the pages to move forward or backwardScribd for Windows 8.1Scribd for Windows 8.1

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