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An intuitive and user-friendly application that serves to read the contents of ePub e-books with possibilities to print or email them

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Free ePub Reader is a small, yet efficient application whose main purpose is to load and display e-book files in ePub format. It delivers a user-friendly environment where reading electronic books is a comfortable and effortless process.

Clean and intuitive design

While there’s no shortage of similar utilities on the software market, Free ePub Reader stands out through a straightforward approach and a short learning curve, which makes it fit for virtually all audiences.

Free ePub Reader adopts a classic appearance and while its feature set might seem basic at first sight, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Most of the GUI is dedicated to the contents of the e-book, while the upper side is populated with menus and a quick toolbar for the most common functions.

All the features of a regular e-book reader with a twist

Despite resembling similar products in what functionality is concerned, Free ePub Reader builds extra functionality on top of the basic toolset that such an application usually brings.

Functions for quick navigation, zoom in and zoom out, a home and a print button, as well as a full screen mode make a familiar collection of features that you’ve seen in other readers, for sure. However, very few of them sport the possibility to view the table of contents, to attach the e-book to an email or to search it for custom text. These are all possible with Free ePub Reader.

A favorable verdict

All aspects considered, Free ePub Reader is a recommendable choice for users in need of a quick e-book reader. The program manages to outperform most of its competition through the enriched feature set that rises it above the average.

Free ePub Reader was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 3rd, 2014
Free ePub Reader - The main window of ePub Reader allows users to read the contents of electronic books.Free ePub Reader - ePub Reader allows you to view the table of contents of the current e-book.Free ePub Reader - ePub Reader allows you to search e-books for custom text.

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