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A handy e-book reading software with side-by-side pages

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E-books are becoming more and more popular thanks to how easy they are to read and their portability. While an e-reader can be the solution you’re seeking for when you’re on the road, a good application can be the answer when you’re home, using the computer or laptop.

yBook is a light tool that comes with an easy to use interface. The software is compatible with a wide range of files, such as EPUB, YBZIP, ZIP, OEB, PRC, PDB, YBRTF, YBHTM, YBTXT, TXT, RTF and HTML.

The books can be displayed in two different ways – either as a single page or in a side-by-side format, similar to the traditional books. Additionally the way the paragraphs look can be customized. Thus, you can choose a format, adjust the margin size and add an extra line between paragraphs, justify the text or replace underscores to italics.

Font modifications can also be made. You can pick any of the available font styles after checking the preview.

Furthermore, you can define the colors, choose a background texture, define the width of the borders and adjust the turn delay. Line spacing can also be set as a percentage of the line height.

From the “Settings”, you can disable the location indicator and hide the desktop when the app is active. Furthermore, this is where you can alter the settings in order to display the program in single page mode.

From the menu bar, placed at the bottom of the interface, the font size can be increased or decreased. Also, you can find a shortcut to the font changing menu. A page navigator is also place here.

You can load files from your computer or from various URLs. yBook further lets you download Gutenberg titles, complete with index.

All in all, yBook2 is a useful app that you can use to read your e-book files. The software is easy-to-use, so inexperienced users should have no problems finding out what the program has to offer.

yBook was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on December 17th, 2012
yBook - From the main window of the software users will be able to load and read e-books.yBook - Bookmark, File, Page Setup or Formatting are some of the functions available in this menu.yBook - The application provides users with the ability to connect and browse Project Gutenberg for various books.yBook - From this tab one will be able to add Is-R, GutIndex.all and catalogue.txt files.yBook - In the Settings window you can easily change the textures, colors, borders and line spacing.

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