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A software utility that enables you to organize your book collection into a database, as well as store information about their title, version and publisher

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Looking after a book collection can be a daunting task, especially if you are in charge of a library or a book shop. Beside the title, they come with a multitude of other characteristics as well, including version, author, publisher and issue number, all of which needs to be stored in a convenient and accessible environment.

Create databases to hold your book collection

Books Collection is a software solution that aims to lend you a helping hand when it comes to your book catalog, by allowing you to create databases and store every bit of information concerning the items. Thus, the database environment allows you to easily sort through the books whenever you require to do so, as well as filter them according to your necessities.

To start cataloging, all you need to do is add the items using the provided form, which enables you to enter a wide variety of characteristics for every title. Hence, you can store the name, version, author and even the ISBN information, among many other things. As you might expect, each one of these fields can be used to sort the collection, which can come in handy in a variety of situations.

Perform backups and manage users

In case multiple people need to organize the catalog, you can create separate users for each of them inside the application and give them access to individual program modules. Thanks to this, you can restrict certain users from modifying the files, photos or comments regarding the books, as well as deny them access from the settings panel.

In addition, as your collection gets larger and larger, you might need to take precautions and save copies to a secure location or a removable device, in case your operating system crashes or the files become corrupted. The backup operation provided by the utility allows you to save the entire database in a file, along with all the items contained into it.

A sturdy book database manager

Despite the fact that you may stumble upon the occasional error message, Books Collection offers you a wide array of features and options when it comes to the way you store and organize your books. Furthermore, the ability to perform backups and synchronize databases with each other makes the application a very handy utility to have around.

Books Collection was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
Books Collection - You can view your book collection, as well as details about their autor, title and translation, into the main window of the application.Books Collection - The Files menu allows you to open a database file, as well as perform backup operations.Books Collection - You can index or compact your databases by accessing the FIRST AID menu.Books CollectionBooks CollectionBooks CollectionBooks CollectionBooks CollectionBooks CollectionBooks Collection

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