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A user-friendly application designed to help you catalog, tag, rename and play your MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, APE, FLAC and WAV files

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changelog MP3 Collector is a music library manager with a user-friendly interface that enables you to natch catalogue and tag audio tracks and play tunes. You can create playlists, for organizing the playback or databases, in order to edit files’ metadata.

Adding new entries to the database

The application supports several input file formats, including MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, APE, Flac or WAV. Numerous files can be imported from a local directory, from a network directory or from CD/DVDs. Aside from importing tracks, the database editor is capable of extracting files’ metadata.

The software can perform an automatic file renaming right before adding them to the database, by replacing their entire name or by removing underscore characters.

Every database can be divided by folders, albums, artists, composers, genres, lyricists and year. Basically, the elements composing the file’s tag may be used as search filters.

Simple tag editor

The tag editing function enables you to modify a track’s information or batch change multiple files’ metadata.

The supported tag formats are ID3 v1, ID3 v2, Vorbis, WMA and APE. Each of them contains information that can be modified automatically or manually. Aside from the creative side of the tag, such as title, album name, genre, tempo or orchestra details, a track’s info sheet contains the path, length, format, bitrate, sampling frequency or #channels.

Your extensive music library can be organized and synced automatically, when updates exist and if the files are writeable. Manual syncing is also an available option.

Additionally, you can rename any file, changing its title, track artist, track index, album name or genre, in batch mode or singularly. You can preview the new settings before applying them.

Customizable playlists

The playlist function enables you to create music lists and listen to them in the desired order. Just transfer database entries to the playlist with a few clicks or drag and drop them to the dedicated window.

You can also use the integrated explorer to find music on your computer, or import it from the database. M3U and PLS format playlists are also supported and can be easily added to be played.

Printing playlists

The option of printing applies to both playlists and databases, and you can select which fields or columns are included. You can print a selection of tracks, for instance the result of a search.

Conclusion MP3 Collector is a music tag editor that offers you the means to create an extensive and detailed database of tracks, albums, artists and genres. You can transfer your music library to a playlist, share it with other enthusiasts or print it. MP3 Collector was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 10th, 2014
13 MP3 Collector - MP3 Collector is a music manager that enables you to create databases, edit tags and catalog MP3 Collector - You can create specific folders within every database, in order to facilitate music sorting, by location, album or MP3 Collector - Databases can be created by importing music files from local folders and they can be updated at any MP3 Collector - screenshot MP3 Collector - screenshot MP3 Collector - screenshot MP3 Collector - screenshot MP3 Collector - screenshot MP3 Collector - screenshot MP3 Collector - screenshot MP3 Collector - screenshot MP3 Collector - screenshot MP3 Collector - screenshot #13

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