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A free movie cataloging tool.




Altrough there are a lot of programs which help you manage your movie collection, most of them have quite a lot of shortcomings.The most common is that they have big database files, and because of that they are not meant to be sent via e-mail, especially if you have 56 kbps modem.

Here are some key features of "DivX Db":

■ Download size < 1MB,
■ Small database files or at least well compressable,
■ It's FREEWARE and it will stay that way,
■ HTML movie info view - higly customizable (templates),
■ Full localization including Genres,...
■ Cover printing,
■ Search for covers,
■ Identifies up to 420 video codecs,
■ Identifies up to 150 audio codecs,
■ Recognizes following audio-video files avi, DVD
■ Movie video compression codec change e.g. XVID to DIVX,
■ Search for subtitles
■ Import data from txt, amc files,
■ Export data to txt, xml and html files,
■ Loan history regardles to member, movie,
■ Sending e-mail messages to members which have overdue movies,
■ Complete movie information from IMDb or other page
■ Using PHP for scripts,
■ Database comparison: Comapares two databases and shows probability that movie is in opened database. Average comparison of two databases, 600 movies each took 3s on AthlonXP 1900.
Last updated on January 16th, 2007
DivX;-) DbDivX;-) Db

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