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A handy database for your MP3/music files, helping you to organise and keep them in order

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MP3 Cat is a powerful Windows product developed to help you organize your locally-stored music collection.

Once launched, the application allows you to scan an MP3 folder and index all existing files, while it automatically groups them by album, artist, category, genre and volume ID.

Each song is displayed along with artist, album, title, length and bit rate information. Additionally however, MP3 Cat gives you the option to search online for more information, including on Amazon and CDDB.

Furthermore, you can see track properties, play it in Winamp, copy the file to folder or simply rename or delete it.

Last but not least, MP3 Cat reads and lets you edit ID3 tags, which is quite an important feature given the fact that it works with MP3 files exclusively.

Of course, you can export the database to a number of formats, including HTML, CSV, XML and text, so you're on the safe side all the time.

MP3 Cat doesn't hamper system performance and runs flawlessly on absolutely all Windows versions, without slowing down the machine at all, not even when scanning for new MP3 files.

There are features to be added however, including a more user-friendly approach and maybe a wizard that could assist users while they are trying to add new files to the database. On the good side, the interface is clean and well-organized, while most features require only basic computer knowledge.

MP3 Cat was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 7th, 2013
MP3 Cat - MP3 Cat will help you quickly and easily organize your music collection with powerful tools at handMP3 Cat - The Options window will provide users with Displayed / Exported Columns or Miscellaneous preferences

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