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An easy to use personal database application




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My DB is an economical personal database which sits in your system tray and allows rapid access to your personal data such as checkbook, inventory, movie collection, passwords (stored in encrypted form, you can password protect the accessing of My DB), etc.

It was designed as a personal electronic file cabinet. My DB allows you to easily create a database that you can customize according to your needs.

Instead of purchasing multiple database programs for different purposes (Checkbook Manager, Movie Database, Photo Albums, Inventory Control Database, Employee Database, Password Manager software, etc.) which can cost hundreds of dollars, My DB is designed as a central universal data depository and easy to use tool to store and access all of your data in one place.

Ever having trouble keeping track of the myriad of user names and passwords for every web sites you’ve visited? My DB is your perfect answer. A simple click in the icon would bring up a list of web sites along with user names and passwords.

The program was designed to be an inexpensive solution so everyone can afford to have their own database without breaking their checkbook. Even though the database format was based on the latest Microsoft Access 2007 database engine to ensure the longevity of your data for the foreseeable future, you don’t have to have Access 2007 installed to use it.

The 2nd functionality of My DB is to provide bi-directional data synchronization with Pocket DB, a Windows Mobile database application that clones Access tables from the desktop PCs to the mobile devices.
Last updated on January 7th, 2012
My DB - My DB allows you to easily create a database that you can customize according to your needs.My DB - My DB allows you to autoconnect the database on exit or import data from a text file.My DB - From the Grid menu of My DB, you can set the rows fonts and colors and set column headings background color.My DB - My DB can protect your database by assigning it a password, in order to prevent unwanted access.My DB