OrangeCD Record Catalog 6.5.4 Build 19923

A music collection manager, designed to meet requests of serious music collectors
OrangeCD Catalog is the comprehensive music database tool for cataloging your music in any format: DVDs, CDs, records, MP3 files or tapes.

To add a new CD to the database, you just need to insert the CD in your computer, and OrangeCD will download all information from Internet. You don't have to type a single word. Filling your music CD database becomes quick and easy.

The resulting database can be used for browsing, searching, printing or exporting to any of the supported formats. Now you can quickly check if you own a specific album or song, find its exact location on CD shelf, print CD changer index sheet or calculate your total collection value for insurance purposes.

You can create web pages with the list of all your albums and upload them to your website. The feel and look of the web pages is defined by templates and can be customized even if you know nothing about HTML language.

Main features:

  • Add your CD albums to the database without typing.
  • Add MP3, OGG, Windows Media (WMA), FLAC or other music files by automatically scanning disk folders.
  • Add CD albums by reading barcodes from jewel cases. (We recommend using CueCat barcode reader for best results.)
  • Catalog classical music albums as well as pop music.
  • Store any extra personal information in custom fields.
  • Store artist and composer profiles, biographies, or reviews.
  • Organize your music web bookmarks.
  • Track who borrows your CDs.
  • Maintain wish lists and purchase lists.
  • Sort your albums alphabetically, chronologically, or by any field, with one click.
  • Display albums in folders grouped by any field.
  • Search your albums for a text string or by any combination of fields.
  • Print the lists of your albums and songs.
  • Play or queue song playback in the media player of your choice.
  • new!! Play or queue songs in Squeezebox or Transporter network music players.
  • new!! Publish your music collection listing on Racks and Tags website, and update your online music catalog automatically.
  • Create detailed and customizable web pages with your albums, including index page, list of recent additions, and individual album and song lyrics pages.
  • Generate plain text or HTML reports from MP3 or iTunes files.
  • View database statistics.
  • Backup your data automatically or by request.
  • Burn database backup CDs (on Windows XP and Windows Vista only.)
  • Search web sites like eBay, Amazon, or Google for album price or information.
  • Friendly, intuitive and customizable user interface.
  • Comprehensive set of fields, including lyrics, artwork, and credits.
  • Rich, customizable set of custom fields.
  • Integrated CD Player.

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July 24th, 2014, 8:02 GMT
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Firetongue Software
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OrangeCD Record Catalog - This is the main window of OrangeCD Record Catalog, where you will be able to manage your music collection.OrangeCD Record Catalog - In Record Properties, General, you can add release information about your albums.OrangeCD Record Catalog - In Tracks tab, you can list all the tracks from the album and view their properties.OrangeCD Record Catalog - In Artwork tab, OrangeCD Record Catalog will let you select what image should be used for the covers of your albums.OrangeCD Record CatalogOrangeCD Record CatalogOrangeCD Record CatalogOrangeCD Record CatalogOrangeCD Record CatalogOrangeCD Record CatalogOrangeCD Record CatalogOrangeCD Record CatalogOrangeCD Record CatalogOrangeCD Record Catalog
What's New in version 6.5.3 Build 19427
  • Fixed collaboration artist reporting inconsistencies
  • Fixed Discogs access bug with multiple databases
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