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Store detailed information about movies, grab data from the Internet by specifying the movie title or scanning the barcode, create backups, and work with a loan manager and script editor

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eXtreme Games Manager is an advanced Windows application whose purpose is to help you create and manage a game database. Game information can be retrieved from the Internet so you won’t spend a lot of time manually inserting info into the database.

Well-designed GUI

The tool provides a clean feature lineup and allows you to switch between two different view modes, namely grid or thumbnail. The first one lists all games, along with details about the platform, title, rating, genre, and style, while the second allows you to preview the game artwork with the aid of thumbnails.

You can make the utility reveal all entries included in the database or filter the information by duplicate games, decades, platform (e.g. Xbox, Wii, PlayStation), or release year. The looks of the GUI can be altered with the aid of skins.

Game importing options

You can store entries in the database by manually typing information about the title, publisher, developer, platform, genre, release year and date, rating, manufacturer, musician, game version, system requirements, personal details (e.g. owner, purchase date, loaned item, condition), description, tags, reviews, cover images (you can even extract frames from clips), links, as well as custom details.

Manual additions of entries to the database may prove to be time-consuming, so you can make the application automatically grab data from online resources by specifying the title. In addition, you can import multiple titles from a plain text file, scan barcodes, and scan disks in search for games.

Game management features

eXtreme Games Manager helps you edit or delete games, automatically update the selected games by retrieving info from the Internet, perform searches throughout the database, and keep track of loaned items using the built-in manager.

When it comes to database tweaks, you can reload its content, compact and repair data, and back up the information. The tool lets you import/export data from/to XML file format, print info, and generate all sorts of statistics by genre, publisher, rating or other filters.

Other important features worth being mentioned enable you to keep track of friends, repair thumbnails, work with a script editor and manager, and mark games as completed.

Rock-solid game organizer

All in all, eXtreme Games Manager delivers a comprehensive suite of features for helping you store detailed information about games, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.

eXtreme Games Manager was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on May 15th, 2015
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