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A small and useful piece of software fashioned in order to help you manage and organize your music files, and easily search for a specific document

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muZIK is a small utility designed to help you manage and organize the music documents on your hard drives, with the added function to quickly search and find audio files.

Basic interface

As the functions of the program are few and simple, so is the graphic user interface, the good part being the fact that it is also easy to use.

The layout on the other side is neatly organized, so you can easily browse through all the files of a specific folder.

The files are displayed in a tree-like structure, allowing you to quickly browse for the specified document in a directory.

Although you cannot personalize the look of MuZIK, you are allowed to resize the main window to the desired dimension.

Useful Search function

Manually browsing for documents on your drives is a time-consuming process, so the added search function of MuZIK will greatly increase your speed when looking for specific files.

After you input the desired keyword, you can also specify that you wish to search either for songs or entire albums.

When you scan for entire folders, the program will display the file association for every file type found inside, allowing you to quickly identify in the list the documents you were looking for.

Rename and add info tags

MuZIK allows you to manage and organize your music files by easily renaming multiple documents at once.

You can also add extensions to your audio files, in case they were incompletely named.

Another useful feature of MuZIK is the ability to add ID3V1 info tags by manually entering the title, artist, album, track number, year or genre of the song.

You can assign command line parameters to specific functions of the application, allowing you to choose which program plays the audio files or what search engine will be used for finding images on the Internet.

Simple music organizer

Although a basic and simple application, MuZIK allows you to efficiently organize, rename or input additional information to the audio files on your drives. The intuitive interface of the program makes MuZIK an easy to use solution for managing your audio library.

muZIK was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
muZIK - The application displays a list with all the files found in the specified directory on your disk.muZIK - You can access the context menu by right-clicking the main window of the program.muZIK - You can search audio files by the song or album name by inputting a keyword in the Search bar.muZIK - screenshot #4muZIK - screenshot #5muZIK - screenshot #6muZIK - screenshot #7

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