AmiBroker 5.90.1

A real asset in an investor's software portfolio, this application can analyze price changes and identify trends in order to help you detect investment opportunities on the financial markets

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What's new in AmiBroker 5.50.5:

  • New Analysis window introduced in version 5.50 brings the following improvements over old Automatic Analysis
  • multi-threaded operation = speed - new Analysis window uses all available CPUs/cores to execute formulas in many threads in parallel providing significant speed ups. For example on 4 core Intel i7 that can run upto 8 threads, it can run upto 8 times faster than old Analysis window. Exact speed up depends on complexity of the formula (the more complex it is, the more speedup is possible), amount of data processed (RAM access may be not as fast as CPU thus limiting possible speed gains)
  • non-blocking operation - you can now view, scroll and sort results of analysis while they are still generated, also as user interface thread is not used for processing for most part, charts and other GUI-driven program parts are way more responsive than with old automatic analysis
  • multiple instances - you can run more than one instance of New Analysis at a time, so you can run many scans/backtest/explorations/optimizations in parallel without waiting for one to complete
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AmiBroker - This is the main user interface of AmiBroker where you can start analyzing portfolios.AmiBroker - The File menu is where you can create a new database, chart, pane, analysis or account.AmiBroker - Use the Edit menu of AmiBroker to copy information as Bitmap, Metafile or export the chart to a file.AmiBroker - By accessing the View menu of AmiBroker you are able to adjust the price chart style, intraday, X-Y labels, to name a few.AmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBrokerAmiBroker
Knowledge and information are the two main factors standing behind profitable investments on the financial markets. The two are combined by AmiBroker, an application that addresses both beginner and more experienced investors, aiming to provide a complete set of tools for carrying out technical analysis for various stocks.

Real-time charts for monitoring price trends

AmiBroker enables you to view price evolutions on the financial markets (NYSE, Nasdaq and so on) and calculate indicators that can ultimately help you take inspired investment decisions. Providing real-time data within intelligible charts, it helps you keep an eye on symbols that interest you, view trend interpretations or write down your own.

The application can extract data for intra-day prices or values recorded at the closing of the trading session, displaying color-coded candlestick, line or bar charts that are easy to read. Alternatively, you can set it to generate the graph based on a custom number of ticks or trading volume.

Technical analysis and investment evaluation

Its rich tool set enables you to create general trend lines or use geometrical figures and text boxes to switch focus to important areas on the graph. Investors can determine potential areas of support or resistance using Fibonacci's charting techniques (retracement, fan, arc, time zones, extension), which helps them figure out when it's time to sell or buy. You can use it to place an order to your broker, specifying the stock quantity, the limit and the stop prices and other parameters.

A comprehensive set of tools for investors

AmiBroker can generate reports on a company's returns and compare the stock price with the earnings it might bring you, in the attempt to evaluate the profitability of the transaction. You can instruct it to notify you via e-mail for changes in the analysis or the indicator values, so that you don't miss out on any future investment opportunity.

AmiBroker was reviewed by , last updated on December 2nd, 2014

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