Auto Shop Invoicer

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An Automotive Invoicing utility to quickly manage and create invoices for your business.

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Road vehicles get more and more diverse, each with its own interchangeable parts. In order to increase efficiency in auto parts sale, applications such as Auto Shop Invoicer offer a helping hand in keeping every item and customer in a database.

Lightweight and easy to use

Design is kept to a minimum, with only the bear necessities displayed in the main window. Available options are quickly accessible, each one bringing up a new set of info you can keep track of.

Manage customers and vehicles

The application best suits auto repair shops. A client database can be created, where you can fill any contact details and personal information, as well as the vehicle in his possession. However, you cannot keep track of activity because there is no integration function that allows that. It could have been useful to know which customer prefers your shop, and how often he does revision.

When it comes to vehicles, the same can be said. There is a default list of makes and models to choose from, and if you don't manage to find one, you can always add it to the list. The vehicle database is limited to name, technical details only being editable from the customer customization menu.

Manage expenses and create invoices

Parts can be chosen to be displayed in the final invoice, with a price tag you add, but no way to create a database for later use. Two tax types can be set and applied to each item.

In conclusion

taking everything into consideration, we can say that Auto Shop Invoicer is a handy application to manage customers and parts. The user interface lets you quickly adapt, but limited options make it difficult to keep around for long term use.

Auto Shop Invoicer was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
Auto Shop Invoicer - This is the main window of Auto Shop Invoicer from where you can access all the features of the application.Auto Shop Invoicer - From this window of Auto Shop Invoicer you can easily create a new invoice.Auto Shop Invoicer - screenshot #3Auto Shop Invoicer - screenshot #4Auto Shop Invoicer - screenshot #5Auto Shop Invoicer - screenshot #6Auto Shop Invoicer - screenshot #7

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