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A powerful and complex application that helps you decide your next financial decision, by cataloging and analyzing monetary-related data

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BizController is an analytical utility that helps you create reports for prospective financial data, then analyze them in order to plan business strategies and manage financial budgets. By doing so, you can decide on your next financial plan or strategy, based on the analysis reports provided by the application.

In order to properly function, the program requires a stable Internet connection, Microsoft Excel and .Net Framework installed on your computer.

Easy to use, yet complex virtual financial adviser with user-friendly interface

BizController can help you decide your future financial strategy, by analyzing the prospective financial data contained by Excel spreadsheets.

In addition, the application automatically recalculates your results in case that any Excel worksheet has been modified. This is a handy feature, as it saves your time by automatically updating the output results on base worksheet modifications. This way, you do not have to create a report every time you update a spreadsheet.

Intuitive and comprehensive financial report analysis tool that offers data synchronization

While working with BizController, you will be able to attain budgeting and financial control, by analyzing your Excel worksheets that contain related data.

You have the possibility to forecast the results of your financial strategies, based on the previously recorded results of your capital transactions and budget management. In addition, you do not have to worry about re-calculating your results every time you update the data contained by your Excel worksheets, as the application will automatically do this for you.

A handy and dependable financial analytic calculator and adviser

BizController provides you with a stable and intuitive environment for budget management and capital organization, by offering you reliable financial strategies,which are calculated based on the relevant data contained by Excel worksheets.

Working with prospective financial data becomes a simple task, thanks to the features offered by the application.

BizController was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 15th, 2014
BizController - BizController helps you take important monetary decisions, by registering and analyzing your financial data.BizController - By accessing the Reports tab, you can create multiple reports that contain financial details about your transactions.BizController - While in the Templates menu, you can develop templates used to categorize your financial data.BizController - screenshot #4BizController - screenshot #5BizController - screenshot #6BizController - screenshot #7BizController - screenshot #8BizController - screenshot #9BizController - screenshot #10BizController - screenshot #11BizController - screenshot #12BizController - screenshot #13BizController - screenshot #14BizController - screenshot #15BizController - screenshot #16

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