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Track check in and check out time of employees, as well as overtime hours to know how much effort they spent on tasks and how well to be rewarded

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Since time is money, a business wants its employees to value the time spent at the office or whatever work environment they may practice tasks. Time sheets are usually the main key of knowing an employee’s activity, and applications like CKZ Time Clock bring the whole experience to your desktop.

Add company and employee details

The first time you run the application you’re greeted by a setup screen in order to configure the administrator account, company details, as well as user control and clearance. Amongst others, you can set the application to consider overtime when calculating paychecks, prevent users from editing their time, or ask for password at check in or out.

Finally reaching the main window lets you make a few more adjustments before you start punching in the timer. An idea is to add all employees monitored with this application, with a decent amount of requirement fields, although they’re not all mandatory.

Track time and issue reports

Created users are shown in a list for quick access. Selecting one brings up the option to start the timer, and this can be done for more at a time. Checking out is done in the same manner. The administrator account has control over every aspect and can easily edit employee time.

At the end of the month, or any other given moment, you can issue several types of reports. These can either be an employee payroll summary for a single user or multiple employees, as well as total payrolls. The only requirement is the date interval to display. An editor is brought up so you can clean the report before printing it, or exporting it to various file formats, including HTML, PDF, or plain TXT.

In conclusion

Success is maintained through honesty and hard work, and if an employee doesn’t fully value the given time to perform all tasks, something is bound to go wrong sooner or later. This is where applications like CKZ Time Clock shine, providing a simple means of keeping a close eye on the watch, and having various reports issued to know just how much effort employees invested in work.

CKZ Time Clock was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on July 14th, 2015
CKZ Time Clock - By accessing the Employee Options tab, you will be able to check your working hours.CKZ Time Clock - To add a new employee or to edit an existing one, the user will have to launch the Administration tab.CKZ Time Clock - In the Employee Information window, one will write all the details regarding a new employee.CKZ Time Clock - The administrator can easily check how many working hours an employee has.CKZ Time Clock - screenshot #5CKZ Time Clock - screenshot #6CKZ Time Clock - screenshot #7CKZ Time Clock - screenshot #8CKZ Time Clock - screenshot #9CKZ Time Clock - screenshot #10CKZ Time Clock - screenshot #11CKZ Time Clock - screenshot #12

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