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A handy and creative application that helps you develop your thinking capacity by visualizing and analyzing complex mindmaps and models





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CONSIDEO MODELER offers a revolutionary way to both visualize and analyze complexity, thus allowing for better planning, decision-making and communication. The program even allows for quantitative (e.g. system dynamics) modeling of scenarios. CONSIDEO MODELER allows you to go beyond mind-mapping your ideas, as you can easily generate complex models for any situation.

You can model politics, economics, management practices (e.g. systemic change management), complex projects (systemic project management), strategies (systemic strategy development), process optimization (OR), family matters, your work-life balance and plenty more to foresee what might happen in the future and to identify the best form of action for success.
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
CONSIDEO MODELER - CONSIDEO MODELER allows you to create complex models that can help you expand your mind and thinking methods.CONSIDEO MODELER - From the Creative section, you can project your ideas to tables and differently colored sketches.CONSIDEO MODELER - By accessing the Qualitative tab, you can create graphs between various models or objects.CONSIDEO MODELERCONSIDEO MODELERCONSIDEO MODELERCONSIDEO MODELERCONSIDEO MODELERCONSIDEO MODELER

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