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A reliable and easy to use application created to help cooks or regular people manage and organize their kitchen, tracking ingredients and their cost

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CostGizmo is a comprehensive and intuitive software solution based on Microsoft Excel, whose main purpose is to help you manage the financial aspects of running a kitchen, be it a restaurant or your own home.

Clean and straightforward looks

The application features a fairly simple, tabbed interface and though it relies on Excel to function, there will be little to no tables to deal with.

The various tabs of CostGizmo help you organize your ‘Ingredients’, ‘Recipes’, ‘Measures’ and ‘Menus’, helping you keep track of everything that comes in or goes out of your kitchen.

Add, organize and manage cooking ingredients, recipes and prices

The program enables you to add new cooking ingredients to your database or edit the name of existing ones, also having the ability to remove obsolete entries. You can convert various quantities between different measurement units, depending on your particular needs.

Each ingredient can have a profile where you can determine its cost depending on the used quantity (drops, tablespoons, cups, gallons, liters, ounces, kilograms or pounds), enabling CostGizmo to automatically calculate the price of a recipe once all the components have been established.

Aside from the existing recipes, you also have the possibility of adding your own simply by entering the ingredients, their corresponding quantity and measure, the total price being estimated on the spot.

Moreover, CostGizmo allows you to create or alter measures, as well as define your own ratios, to suit your cooking needs. The utility lets you add and manage menus for different times of day or for a specific group of people (‘Kids’, ‘Students’, etc), similarly being able to establish multiple food categories.

A kitchen management assistant

To conclude, CostGizmo is a useful and effective application aimed to assist you in estimating the real costs of cooking various foods, depending on the ingredients that you use and the corresponding quantities.

CostGizmo was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 11th, 2014
CostGizmo - The main window of CostGizmo allows you to view the cost of preparing a certain recipeCostGizmo - The Receiving section enables you to edit, add or delete ingredients from your databaseCostGizmo - From the Ingredients tab, you can define the price of a certain food type and choose the preferred graph unitCostGizmoCostGizmoCostGizmoCostGizmoCostGizmoCostGizmoCostGizmoCostGizmoCostGizmo

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