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You can use this efficient and user-friendly application on your computer, along with a large display to show the score during cricket matches

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Cricket Scoreboard Basic is an efficient and user-friendly application that can be used successfully as a method of displaying the score during cricket matches, by means of a large projector or screen, so both the players and the audience can see it at all times.

The utility features the familiar scoreboard interface, but it offers a great number of customizable options, so it can be configured to look however you want. Also, it can run in windowed mode or full screen.

As such, even if the initial scoreboard is in black and white, you can select the colors you wish to use for the 'Background', 'Batting Team LEDs', 'Bowling Team LEDs', 'Over LEDs', 'Text', 'Selected Element', 'Scroll Text Forecolor' and 'Scroll Text Backcolor'.

Cricket Scoreboard Basic allows you to input the teams' names and choose the preferred display order (host team versus visitor team). At the same time, you can add or remove points when a certain team scores, with the option of assigning hotkeys for 'Runs Scored + / - 1', 'Runs Scored + / - 4' and 'Runs Scored +/ - 6'.

Moreover, the tool features a default 'Buzzer' sound, but that too can be changed according to your preference. Other options include the ability to select the digit type between 'Segments' and 'Dots', while also being able to input the 'Display Screen Position'.

Cricket Scoreboard Basic provides you with 'Web Remote' functions, enabling you to control it from afar, using a portable device, for instance a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, so you do not necessarily have to be in front of the computer that is running the program.

To summarize, Cricket Scoreboard Basic is a useful and easy to handle software solution designed to assist you  in keeping the score during cricket games and allow you to display it in a professional-looking manner.

Cricket Scoreboard Basic was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 4th, 2014
Cricket Scoreboard Basic - Cricket Scoreboard Basic is a simple tool that enables you to display a cricket game's score on a digital displayCricket Scoreboard Basic - The Options window allows you to set the hotkeys for new inning, new game or for swapping team namesCricket Scoreboard Basic - From the Color Settings tab, you can change the background color or the scroll text forecolorCricket Scoreboard BasicCricket Scoreboard BasicCricket Scoreboard BasicCricket Scoreboard Basic

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