Currency Server

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Using this application you can explore the currencies of the world and information about them, such as names, symbols and availability status






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Currency Server is designed to be the most advanced currency-enabling component on the market. It provides exchange rate information and currency conversion services to COM/ActiveX and .NET and SOAP Web service clients on any platform, and supports a larger number of independent providers of exchange rate data than any other tool.

This utility allows you to select the currencies that interest you and set the schedule for monitoring updates about them.

The service is always available to satisfy thousands of information and conversion requests per second. Support for a variety of data providers (both free and subscription-based) and advanced administration notification options assure fault tolerance and peace of mind.

When the software is implemented on a web server, visitors can see prices in their "language" without having to use third-party sites for currency-related services and without being subject to external advertising and cookies.

Currency Server is one of the fastest and most cost-effective tools to add value to an e-commerce site. Either alone or as part of a complete internationalization effort, Currency Server can easily plug into an existing system and open up a new world of opportunities and user experience.

Possible applications include:

- E-commerce: Integration with web or commerce server to create a dual-currency or multi-currency shopping site (customers see prices in currency of their choice)

- Back-office: interfacing with database, accounting, procurement, expense management, spreadsheets, etc.

- Information: Daily maintenance of an exchange rate data file on a LAN or web server (e.g. to post exchange rates in HTML format, or for custom clients such as WorldCalc or Euro Calculator)

- Web services: Use as a .NET or SOAP server to provide web services to licensed remote clients
Last updated on February 12th, 2014
Currency Server - Currency Server offers you the possibility to add multiple currencies that interest you.Currency Server - The application displays all the currencies of the world with their name and availability status.Currency Server - Currency Server allows you to customize the names of the currencies, as well as their symbols.Currency ServerCurrency ServerCurrency ServerCurrency ServerCurrency ServerCurrency ServerCurrency ServerCurrency ServerCurrency Server

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