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A simple to use application dedicated to helping you keep record of the daily transactions, individual or recurring, and sort them into categories

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DailyCashManager is a reliable software capable of helping you manage your personal and household finances. The software can help you monitor your personal revenue or expenses accounts, as well as keep a record of the daily transaction, whether they are one time payments or recurring events.

Personal account manager

With DailyCashManager, you may easily create a simulation of the account balance dynamic, by entering the income sources and the expenses fields, while considering the monthly global interest. The software enables you to set up an initial score, then start creating entries for one time payments or recurring transactions.

The software features the envelope budgeting technique, which allows you to sort the transactions into categories and pin them to a certain account. DailyCashManager is configured for managing household finances and by default offers several specific transaction categories. However, you may easily edit the content and adapt it to your requirements.

Managing finances in an intuitive environment

DailyCashManager allows you to mark a recurrent transaction or to record a one time deal, in a fast and easy way.

The app features several tabs that enable you to manage different aspects of your financial situation separately. You may view the account balances, mark transactions, run reconciliations for each account and generate global reports. Thus, each function is assigned a different tab, for a more efficient management.

Monitor and manage your financial situation with a user-friendly software

DailyCashManager is simple to use and allows you to manage your financial situation from your PC, at home. You may easily mark revenue and expenses sources and record each transaction, as well as view the account balance in any moment. Moreover, creating a new entry for an expense, income, or account transfer can be done with a few mouse clicks. The software requires an optimized window resizing function and printable reports, since the statistics can only be viewed in the dedicated tab.

DailyCashManager was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 15th, 2015
DailyCashManager - DailyCashManager is a simple to use software that specializes in keeping track of your personal finances and home expenses.DailyCashManager - The software can monitor the every day transactions, whether they result in revenue or expenses and generate reports.DailyCashManager - The software allows you to record individual or recurring transaction in a certain account or in a specified category.DailyCashManagerDailyCashManagerDailyCashManagerDailyCashManager

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