QuickDog (formerly Dog Racing Software)

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An efficient and reliable dog racing software solution for handicapping Greyhound Racing, allowing you to easily find the best online games






Dog Racing Software is a tool for handicapping Greyhound Racing. Includes Automatic downloading of internet programs / charts, 5 Methods, backtesting, QuickTipper, Variants, export to Dogpak and Spreadsheets.

QuickDog also enables you to create your own methods, in addition to providing you with the option of "tuning" the already included methods. Also includes Method Builder so you can develop your own Pencil-Capping Method on your computer.
Last updated on September 4th, 2013
QuickDog (formerly Dog Racing Software) - From the main window of QuickDog, users can handicap Greyhound Racing, create tipsheets or dog profilesQuickDog (formerly Dog Racing Software) - The All Tracks window of the application enables users to select a track from the displayed onesQuickDog (formerly Dog Racing Software) - For each selected track, QuickDog allows users to display the race card for tomorrow afternoon or today's evening oneQuickDog (formerly Dog Racing Software) - screenshot #4QuickDog (formerly Dog Racing Software) - screenshot #5