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A reliable and easy to use POS software that enables you to process payments from customers, orders, discounts and print out invoices

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DotDashPOS is a reliable POS software designed for store cashier computers, that enables you to process customer orders, product checkout, tax appliance, as well as price discount. The software is designed to work with adjacent hardware, such as barcode readers or bill printers.

Comprehensive shop assistant

DotDashPOS enables you to configure the entire product checkout and payment cashing in procedure. You can set up the product database, that contains the names, barcode, identification code, prices and supply. By default, the software features six product categories, but you easily add more or introduce uncategorized products.

Each bill acts as a product identification sheet, so it must contain certain elements, such as price, tax applied, expiration date eventually composition. Additionally, you can decide what types of payments or promoting methods you wish to accept for each product category or individual item. Moreover, you can enable or disable several other options, including discount, refund, member points, or price cuts.

Managing product checkout procedure

Selling a product implies accepting the transaction, scanning the item, checking it out from the inventory, calculating the owned price and cashing in the payment. DotDashPOS can help you manage these aspects, as well as various methods of payment. In the checkout tab, you can add all the products you wish to sell to the list, by manually selecting them from the database, by introducing the identification number or by scanning the barcode.

Additionally, you can add staff members and manage their privileges. For instance, a senior shop assistant can have access to checking products out, but also to price cuts, refunds or creating memberships for clients. A new employee however, could have limited privileges.

Business assistant and payment manager

DotDashPOS enables you to configure the product checkout procedure, and manage different methods of payment, price cuts or cashing in coupons. Moreover, the software can generate daily reports that reflect the entire commercial activity, as well as the staff members who operated all the sales. It can also generate statistics, create labels and print out receipts.

DotDashPOS was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 31st, 2014
DotDashPOS - DotDashPOS is a complex application that enables you to manage the financial side of your commercial business.DotDashPOS - The software enables you to manage incoming payments, orders, product inventories, customer lists as well as employees.DotDashPOS - You may create an administrator, then add staff members and decide their privileges, as well as login credentials.DotDashPOS - screenshot #4DotDashPOS - screenshot #5DotDashPOS - screenshot #6DotDashPOS - screenshot #7DotDashPOS - screenshot #8DotDashPOS - screenshot #9DotDashPOS - screenshot #10DotDashPOS - screenshot #11DotDashPOS - screenshot #12DotDashPOS - screenshot #13DotDashPOS - screenshot #14DotDashPOS - screenshot #15

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