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A straightforward and easy to use application that can help you manage the information involving clinical tests and patient data

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Handling clinical documents, such as patient information, test samples and results, as well as doctor files or treatment payment methods need strong organizational skills. Luckily, all these documents and information can be managed using software solutions, one of them being E-Lab.

The application allows you to organize and manage all the information and documents containing patient data, test reports, services payment options or medical staff charts.

Handy and reliable medical information manager

With the help of the program, you are able to organize the documents and records in any hospital or clinic, as it allows you to manage data about patients, doctors, test records and results or treatment payment methods.

Furthermore, you can search information about any previously recorded patients and tests that they have been subjected to, along with the doctors that conducted them.

Straightforward and easy to use clinical test organizer

E-Lab helps you manage all the information that usually travels in a hospital, ranging from medical test conducted to patient data and diagnostic reports. By doing so, you avoid a lot of paperwork and documentation that can easily get lost.

Additionally, you can also use the application to manage payment methods, either the ones for treatments or the income of the medical staff working at the clinic. This way, hospital management can quickly be done using software, instead of paper records and invoices, as they tend to get misplaced or lost.

A dependable hospital and clinical lab document handler

As a brief conclusion, E-Lab provides you with a robust database for managing medical documentation, ranging from patient data, test reports, services payment options and medical staff charts.

Aside from this, the application does not require advanced computer skills to be used, making it flexible and accessible for anyone.

E-Lab was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 9th, 2014
E-Lab - From the Company menu, you can seamlessly backup your data or manage user profiles.E-Lab - By accessing the Masters menu, you can access the medical test reports that have been conducted on patients.E-LabE-LabE-LabE-LabE-Lab - E-Lab allows you to manage all the medical data that is used in hospitals and clinics, such as patient and test reports.

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