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A fast and easy to use application that simulates a cash register and helps users create detailed receipts of every sold product

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Trading is a business that uses big numbers. Cashing products used to be a manual job, done by adding the price of all the bought products. This was not the best way to do it, since the human factor sometimes failed. Cashiers made mistakes when calculating total price for large numbers of products.

With the introduction of electronic cashing, things became a lot easier. Instead of calculating the price manually, all you have to do now is to scan a product and its price will be automatically added to the final bill.

EASY-POS is a virtual cash register application that allows you to scan a large number of products and create a final receipt that can be printed.

Fast product checkout

You can use EASY-POS to quickly create a bill with all the bought products of a client, just by scanning or selecting each product. The application allows you to input the price paid by a client, then it automatically calculates the change.

EASY-POS supports various paying methods, either by cash or credit card. The program creates a database with all the registered sales, thus keeping a detailed record of all the transactions made.

Powerful product editor

You can use EASY-POS to add new products to your database, which can help you expand your product lot. The application already contains a few major categories, to which you can add a product by entering its name, price and VAT. Products can have additional information such as a barcode or picture.

Furthermore, EASY-POS features a varied currency, giving you the possibility to change it from USD to EUR or GBP.

A reliable virtual cash register

EASY-POS helps users cash in certain products, then create a detailed bill that can be printed. You will cash in money faster and multiply your profit, thus increasing the number of people that can be processed in a certain period of time.

EASY-POS (formerly EASY-CASH) was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 10th, 2014
EASY-POS (formerly EASY-CASH) - The application works as a cash register and allows you to create products and print check-out receipts.EASY-POS (formerly EASY-CASH) - In the Daily Accounts tab, you can preview every receipt that was cashed in during a day.EASY-POS (formerly EASY-CASH) - The Itemjournal tab displays information about every sold item, such as name, date, quantity and price.EASY-POS (formerly EASY-CASH) - screenshot #4EASY-POS (formerly EASY-CASH) - screenshot #5EASY-POS (formerly EASY-CASH) - screenshot #6EASY-POS (formerly EASY-CASH) - screenshot #7EASY-POS (formerly EASY-CASH) - screenshot #8EASY-POS (formerly EASY-CASH) - screenshot #9

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