ERP MEDICAL for Windows 8

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A straightforward and accessible software solution especially created for medical establishments that need to manage patients and consultations

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ERP MEDICAL is an application created to help doctors, nurses and anyone in the medical world who wants to manage patients and scheduled consultations. It allows you to create a database with all your patients, plan events, manage diagnosis results and treatments, all with the use of a simple and intuitive interface.

Easily create your patient database

ERP MEDICAL allows you to add records for a large number of people which are stored in an internal database. All the patient entries can be viewed in an easy to follow table which displays their full name, birth date, address and phone number.

Creating entries, editing or removing them is done with a simple click and the process of adding information is the same for all categories. Whether you want to add a new event, consultation plan or appointment, it all consists of the same steps: create a new item, add the information, click the ‘Save’ button.

There are no complicated menus to go through which means that you can append new information in a matter of seconds.

Detailed consultation charts

ERP MEDICAL provides the means to add a considerable amount of information about any one patient you have. Within a few clicks you are able to store details about the reason for the consultation, physical examination, first diagnosis, as well as treatment and indications.

Apart from that, you can upload an X-Ray that is associated to the patient. If you need to extract information from the database and attach it to some form of document, the application offers you quick print buttons for each of the data fields.

A handy scheduler small clinics

To sum things up, ERP MEDICAL is a tool well suited for clinics and small medical offices that need a simple and reliable solution for patient and appointment management.

ERP MEDICAL for Windows 8 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 27th, 2014
ERP MEDICAL for Windows 8 - ERP MEDICAL enables you to add patients, schedule appointments and consultations for your medical establishment.ERP MEDICAL for Windows 8 - When creating a patient entry, you can add information such as name, birth date, gender, address, weight and phone number.ERP MEDICAL for Windows 8 - Scheduled events can be customized in terms of name, description and event date.ERP MEDICAL for Windows 8ERP MEDICAL for Windows 8ERP MEDICAL for Windows 8

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