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A comprehensive application that offers you the means to manage your commercial business, keep track of transactions and monitor item stocks

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ERP SMALL BIZNESS is a simple to use software that can turn your computer into a business management center. It enables you to handle both transactions and administrative aspects of your company in an organized and convenient environment. You may easily monitor your inventory, suppliers list and customers database.

Sales business manager and assistant

With a clear-cut interface and easily manageable sections, ERP SMALL BIZNESS is a suitable solution for monitoring all aspects of a small or medium company. The software enables you to create databases for customers, suppliers and inventory, then modify it at any time. You may easily identify the desired entry, by using the powerful searching engine.

The commercial tax value is set in the company section and differs from one business to another, but it is the same for all the products in one domain of activity. The software features separate tabs for recording a certain transaction and the history of all orders. Moreover, it supports managing a quick sale, to a customer that is not listed in the database.

Administrative aspects and statistical data

Aside from assisting you in the commercial transactions, ERP SMALL BIZNESS allows you to centralize all the messages sent to your email address, company details and logo, as well as employee contact details. Moreover, the software is capable of generating periodical graphs, representing the company’s activity or the best seller product or the month.

Upon the first time you open it, ERP SMALL BIZNESS prompts you to choose a username and a password. These credentials are required for further uses of the software, since it encrypts the data you enter, in order to protect confidential information.

Reliable application for business management

ERP SMALL BIZNESS is reliable and features easily manageable sections. It enables you to easily record transactions, cash in payments and handle large orders for customers listed in the database. Moreover, you may enter a transaction record for a quick sale or for episodic customers. The software can encrypt the data, so no authorized user may access it.

ERP SMALL BIZNESS was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
ERP SMALL BIZNESS - ERP SMALL BIZNESS is a suitable software solution for a commercial company's management and administration.ERP SMALL BIZNESS - The software enables you to create an extensive database of customers, products, suppliers and record transactions.ERP SMALL BIZNESS - You may easily add new products to the inventory, replenish your stocks or modify prices, for each individual item.ERP SMALL BIZNESS - screenshot #4ERP SMALL BIZNESS - screenshot #5ERP SMALL BIZNESS - screenshot #6ERP SMALL BIZNESS - screenshot #7

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