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A simple to use application that enables you to automate time tracking, based on the complexity and volume of work for each task in a project

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Easy Tracker Lite is a simple to use application that enables you to manage projects, set up notifications scheduler, monitor expenses, estimate required work hours and complete time sheets. The software is designed to help project managers track the duration of tasks and improve the team’s performance.

Time managing application

With Easy Tracker Lite you can easily set up several projects, each with multiple tasks and assign them to a team. You may mark the start time and approximate a suitable dead line, then let the software monitor the team’s progression. The evolution is recorded by completing the dedicated time sheet, which indicates the personal performance of each team member.

As an administrator, you can easily edit the duration of each task, the location where it takes place, the costs involved or the afferent customer. You may even add more tasks and mark them in each team member’s calendar. The software also displays a small dialog box on the screen, with a timer, designed to monitor the duration of each task. The small display features a shortcut button that opens the software.

Tracking time and costs

Easy Tracker Lite allows you to automate the time tracking function every time you create a new task. The tracker starts automatically with the activation of each new task. Additionally, you may pause and resume the time monitor at any time. Each project implies several types of priority levels, meaning that the urgent tasks are closely monitored, whereas normal tasks have a lighter regime.

You may create alarms or reminders for each task, in order to make sure that the person charged with it, solves it in the shortest time. All the time tables, time logs and sheets can be exported as reports to HTML, XML, Excel or text.

Efficient time and project manager

Timing a particular task from beginning to the end implies monitoring the evolution of an entire project. You may easily add or remove tasks from the activity board, as well as mark the status of each project. Moreover, you can easily sort the database entries by client, status, start date or leader. Low efficiency alarms are automatically triggered when the level of performance drops below a specific percentage.

Easy Tracker Lite was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 18th, 2014
Easy Tracker Lite - Easy Tracker Lite is a simple to use application designed to help you manage the duration of you projects and set up a timer.Easy Tracker Lite - The software allows you to create multiple projects, calculate start and end time for several tasks and mark them on the calendar.Easy Tracker Lite - You can log in with the administrator credentials and monitor all the projects, create tasks or add payment reminders.Easy Tracker LiteEasy Tracker LiteEasy Tracker LiteEasy Tracker LiteEasy Tracker LiteEasy Tracker LiteEasy Tracker LiteEasy Tracker LiteEasy Tracker LiteEasy Tracker LiteEasy Tracker LiteEasy Tracker Lite

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