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A practical and effective program worth having when you need to export various items including customers and employees from Easy Projects to QuickBooks

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EasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector is a practical and effective software solution that provides you with a simple means of grabbing and exporting various items such as time entries, customers and employees effortlessly.

Before using the application you need to make sure that you computer contains all the necessary requirements, otherwise EasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector won’t connect to EasyProjects or QuickBooks.

The main window is quite intuitive and user-friendly, thus allowing you to connect to the above mentioned applications with ease.

After specifying the URL address and the connection credentials for each program, you are able to perform all the necessary actions. Also, please note that QuickBooks must already be launched and running in the foreground with a company file open, otherwise you are not able to preview any information.

All the Time Entries are displayed as a tree with the top element being customer followed by task and time entry. Additionally, you are able to view details such as total hours for each user. After that, you can choose the time entries you want to import into QuickBooks.

What’s more, in the main window of EasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector you might notice that some values in the Customer, Job and Employee columns are marked as green. This means that those items were not found in QuickBooks and they will be created during import.

Considering all of the above, EasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector is a useful program that comes in handy for users who need to export Time Entries and other items such as customers and employees from Easy Projects to QuickBooks in order to save time for billing and invoicing operations.

EasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 27th, 2014
EasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector - EasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector enables you to export EasyProjects items to QuickBooksEasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector - You need to specify the EasyProjects URL address along with its username and paswordEasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector - The application enables you to easily choose the items you want to export such as customers, users and time entriesEasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector - screenshot #4EasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector - screenshot #5EasyProjects To QuickBooks Connector - screenshot #6