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A building information modeling system or BIM that comes with a series of both basic and advanced features for all kinds of users

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Edificius is a BIM application which allows you to design everything you need in order to create a complete and detailed project for any kind of building or structure. It provides professional grade tools, wrapped into an esthetic and well structured interface which makes it appealing to both professionals and occasional users.

Powerful and intuitive tools that are accessible to anyone

As mentioned before, Edificius displays a more than comprehensive interface that makes using it very simple. To be able to fully take advantage of it, it’s required that you have at least some basic knowledge of using CAD software but even if you lack that, the application comes with a generous amount of helpful documentation and tutorials to get you started.

The main window is designed in respect to a classic and efficient layout in which you have the project explorer, toolbars and object properties panels placed around the drawing space.

Edificius provides the tools needed to draw envelopes, openings and rooms, ornamental walls, stairs, slabs, columns, beams, fillings and coatings, as well as various other miscellaneous objects which contribute to the project. The application allows you to manipulate objects by dragging their nodes and you can access and edit all their properties with a double click.

Easily create 3D renderings and detailed reports

Apart from drawing the plans, Edificius allows you to explore the structure in 3D from any angle and in many different viewing styles. This makes it very simple for you or a client to spot any problems or deliver the project as detailed as possible since you can also export it as high quality 3D renderings.

Reports play a very important role in a project regardless of its size and for this reason, Edificius enables you to effortlessly create detailed ones. With a simple click you get access to a template for an architectural report, as well as tables with a complete overview of surfaces and used materials.

A professional BIM that is accessible to anyone

With the above to consider and much more to discover, it’s easy to state that Edificius is by all means a reliable, intuitive and versatile software solution for anyone who wants to create, manage and offer complete building modeling.

Edificius was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 22nd, 2014
Edificius - Edificius allows you to create complete plans for various establishments, as well as import existing ones from other CAD applications.Edificius - From the 'Vertical envelope' menu you are able to choose from openings and rooms, columns and beams, as well as fillings.Edificius - The application allows you to switch between view styles such as wireframe, shaded, hidden lines and shaded with lines.Edificius - screenshot #4Edificius - screenshot #5Edificius - screenshot #6Edificius - screenshot #7

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