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A business management and employee management application that can help employers organize their tasks and store important information

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Employer Assistant aims to ease the work of company managers, providing them with a tool that can be used for storing document templates and managing employee data. With its help, they can keep track of the company budget and the inventory, design policies and manage sick leaves and vacations for all employees.

Tab-based interface with lots of available modules

The tab-based interface offers quick access to all the options, making the application really easy to use. However, all the buttons placed there might give you the impression of a crowded GUI.

Under the 'Company Data' tab, you can manage important documents, such as business licenses, all kinds of agreements (for employment, consulting, computer repair and so on), view job description sheets or print request forms for sick leaves and vacations. There are a variety of templates that can prove useful to any employer in certain circumstances, but you can also design your own documents to work with.

Keeps track of the company budget and helps with daily planning

The application features a dedicated section that you can use to enter financial information and calculate revenue and expenses. Also, it helps you write a disaster recovery plan to manage resources in case anything goes wrong with the company.

Employer Assistant can be used as an inventory management tool, providing additional options for tracking vehicle maintenance actions and creating to-do lists. As such, managers can use it to plan activities ahead.

Easily manage employees, create evaluation charts and schedule vacations

The 'Employee Data' section enables you to enter data about all your employees, store and manage documents, generate performance evaluation reports and track vacations and sick leaves.

A useful virtual assistant with an integrated information adviser

Employer Assistant addresses both startup and developed companies, enabling managers to carry out their administrative tasks with ease. It helps them create templates for important business documents and offers access to information provided by central authorities.

Employer Assistant was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on May 28th, 2014
Employer Assistant - You can view the company data and edit important documents from the designated tab of Employer Assistant.Employer Assistant - Employer Assistant enables you to manage the company budget for each fiscal year.Employer Assistant - You can use Employer Assistant to write a company disaster recovery plan using a template.Employer AssistantEmployer AssistantEmployer AssistantEmployer AssistantEmployer AssistantEmployer AssistantEmployer Assistant

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