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A comprehensive application developed to help you easily deal with various types calculations encountered in a financial environment

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The financial state of companies and households always need to be taken seriously. When dealing with numbers, computational errors have to be eliminated and predictions calculated as accurately as possible.

Financial Calculator MAXI is a software solution for those in need of a reliable and user-friendly approach of performing various types of financial calculations. It’s designed to offer a helping hand in financial analysis, investments and audit scenarios.

The application displays a tabbed interface which allows for easy and quick access to all the types of calculations it is capable of. They are grouped into enterprise financial ratios, staff accounting, solvency ratios, enterprise economics, discounting, project economics and mortgage calculations.

If you’re familiar with what you need to obtain, then using Financial Calculator MAXI should be a breeze. For each of the scenarios, you get a window that tells you what values are needed in order to get the result. All you have to do, is type in the correct numbers and with the click of a button, the application does the rest.

Results are displayed instantly and you can copy them where they are needed. It’s a bit of a bother that Financial Calculator MAXI doesn’t allow you to save each of the results along with the inserted values. In case you need to create a detailed report you just have to type all the information in a text editor.

The only apparent report that you can create is for the mortgage. After you enter the money amount, interest rate and number of periods, the application automatically generates the payment plan for you. Also, if you find it to be acceptable, the report can be printed and attached to other documentation.

In closing, if you’re looking for an application that can calculate leverage and capital ratios along with profit percentages, cash flow and much more, then you should give Financial Calculator MAXI a try.

Financial Calculator MAXI was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 10th, 2014
Financial Calculator MAXI - The application displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to perform various financial calculations.Financial Calculator MAXI - From the Altman Z bankrupt probability model window you are able to enter all the know values and the application generates the results.Financial Calculator MAXI - Accessing the Staff accounting tab, you can calculate the employee urnover rate and the ratio of administrative staff.Financial Calculator MAXIFinancial Calculator MAXIFinancial Calculator MAXI

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