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A lightweight and efficient application aimed to provide you with the means of calculating various financial indicators, like rates and periods

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Financial-Math Calculator is a handy and easy to understand piece of software which aims to assist you in conducting a variety of financial estimates and obtain results as accurate as possible for periods, rates, interest and payments.

Download and run: no installation needed

Subsequent to the download process, you can just decompress the archive and run the EXE file, as the application can be used without prior installation.

Due to the fact that Financial-Math Calculator is a standalone tool, you can easily store it on a portable drive and take it with you wherever you may need to use it, at home or at work, then removing it from the host PC without leaving a trace behind.

Calculate various investment indicators on the fly

Financial-Math Calculator features several distinct functions, organized in tabs, allowing you to learn the ‘Present Value’, ‘Future Value’ or the ‘Interest Payment’ for a specific investment, as well as the ‘Rate’, ‘Periods and ‘Payment’ amounts.

Moreover, you can determine the ‘Present Value Of an Annuity’ (PVOA) as well as the ‘Future Value Of an Annuity’ (FVOA), simply by inputting the information you posses into the indicated fields and clicking on the ‘Run’ button to receive the corresponding results.

The ‘Monte Carlo’ component can be used to run simulations in order to determine the reasons of financial uncertainty and their final effects on an investment. The ‘Sensitivity Analysis’ 1 and 2 help you discover the influence of a change in rate and number of periods over the payment. However, none of the calculations or their results can be exported to a file, for further work.

An intuitive tool for performing business calculations

To summarize, Financial-Math Calculator is an effective and user-friendly program that can provide quite useful in a number of situations, as it allows you to find the proper results for a number of financial indicators, with minimal effort.

Financial-Math Calculator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
Financial-Math Calculator - The main window of Financial-Math Calculator allows you to perform a variety of period, rate and value calculationsFinancial-Math Calculator - The Monte Carlo window enables you to apply the eponymous algorithm to your rate and periods calculationFinancial-Math Calculator - In the Security Analysis window, you can determine the payment per rate amountFinancial-Math Calculator

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