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An advanced but easy to use tool for specially designed for predictive modeling and data mining that enables you to create various regression models





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GMDH Shell is a practical and useful application that helps you to accurately forecast time series, create classifiers and regression models.

GMDH Shell targets such topics as predictive analytics, predictive modeling, knowledge discovery, time series forecasting software, data mining tools, classification, regression, prediction and curve fitting. The software combines well proven machine learning technology and extended capabilities for effective use of multi-core, multiprocessor and cluster computers.

GMDH Shell makes processing of data much easier. It is able automatically detect usable data in the file, transform data according to a problem type, drop irrelevant inputs and construct a set of predictive models at the base of optimal complexity detection and self-organization principles.
Last updated on June 15th, 2015
GMDH Shell - By using GMDH Shell you are able to forecast time series, create classifiers and regression modelsGMDH Shell - From the File menu you have the possibility to change the data set, reload the existing data or access the Configuration windowGMDH Shell - You can navigate to the Simulation menu of the application if you want to create new modelsGMDH ShellGMDH ShellGMDH Shell

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