GRAM - General Risk Assessment Management

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A software utility you can use to assess risk management and analyze the safety procedures for your employees, as well as guide them through the process

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In order to keep your employees unharmed and make sure the safety procedures are maintained, you can employ risk assessment analysis to reduce the overall risk level and increase the efficiency. Furthermore, you can keep track of all this by entering the data into a secure database, from where it can be retrieved whenever you require it.

Add locations, grades and departments

GRAM - General Risk Assessment Management is a software utility that allows you to take full control of your company's safety procedures, as well as stay on top of risk assessment management when it comes to your employees. Thus, all of this information needs to be stored into a clean and efficient database system, where it can easily be queried when you require specific entries.

The application uses the Microsoft Access runtime to provide you with an adequate environment, as well as familiar forms and tables to store the information. As you might expect, there are multiple possible data inputs, including locations, grades or staff details, all of which can be used to manage your company.

Manage possible hazards and actions

As far as hazards are concerned, they can be easily managed with the help of the utility at hand, which allows you to enter the details surrounding the persons at risk, existing control and the actual danger factors. The data is stored into an easy-to-use table from and you can easily copy and paste to and from the available fields.

Furthermore, you can also keep track of the actions required in order to solve various safety concerns, by enumerating them using the application. Beside a small description of the required action, you can also store the name of the assessor, as well as the deadline to complete it.

A complete risk management solution

All in all, GRAM - General Risk Assessment Management offers a wide variety of features and functions when it comes to keeping tracking of safety procedures and risk assessment throughout your company. Moreover, the familiar Access interface is very easy-to-use and intuitive, which makes it simple even for beginners to handle the application.

GRAM - General Risk Assessment Management was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 3rd, 2015
GRAM - General Risk Assessment Management - You can add the assessment date and the assessor name into the Header Details tab.GRAM - General Risk Assessment Management - The Hazards tab allows you to add details about possible hazards, the persons at risk and the existing control.GRAM - General Risk Assessment Management - The Actions section can be utilized to keep track of various concerns and the actions required to solve them.GRAM - General Risk Assessment ManagementGRAM - General Risk Assessment Management