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A simple and easy to use piece of software developed to provide you with an efficient means of managing your garment production company

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Garment Software is a useful and efficient application whose main purpose is to offer clothing manufacturers with a reliable management system, so you can fully organize the various aspects of your business.

The program is sufficiently simple to understand and handle, featuring a basic interface structured in several menus with individual function, so as to provide you with the ability to separate the distinct sections of your company and its management.

As such you can use the various available menus, namely 'File', 'Invoice', 'Code Assignment', 'Shifting', 'Searching', 'Delivery' or 'Reports', each one featuring multiple options to work with.

From the 'File' menu, you have the possibility of creating and editing 'Reminders', enabling you to keep track of all the orders that need to be completed in time and make sure they do not suffer any delays. The 'Invoice' section of Garment Software allows you to launch an 'Invoice Form' which you can fill in before sending it to your customer.

Using the 'Code Assignment' you can organize your clients with unique 'Customer Codes', this option enabling you to perform 'Client Code Searching' so you can access their information more quickly and work with it for all future orders. The 'Shifting' menu lets you switch from 'Shop to Factory', meaning you can manage the production details of your company as well.

The 'Searching' menu allows you to look for specific 'Invoices' through your database, using various criteria, for instance 'Delivered', 'Non Delivered', 'Client Code', 'Name', and many others. The 'Delivery' section of Garment Software lets you check on the status of your outgoing orders, while the 'Reports' feature a large array of different queries you can perform in your database.

To conclude, Garment Software is a helpful utility that provides you with the proper tools to manage your business more easily, by keeping track of all relevant details, like clients, orders or deliveries.

Garment Software was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 20th, 2014
Garment Software - The File menu of Garment Software allows you to create regular reminders or activate the display of popupsGarment Software - From the Invoice menu of the application, you can access and work with the invoice form or generate an invoice reportGarment Software - The Code Assignment menu of Garment Software allows you to allot each client a unique numberGarment Software - screenshot #4Garment Software - screenshot #5Garment Software - screenshot #6Garment Software - screenshot #7

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