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A membership management software that is really easy to use






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Gym Assistant is an easy-to-use membership management program for small to medium size gyms and health clubs. It automates tasks and provides the information you need to make smart, informed business decisions.

Gym Assistant's intuitive interface design puts everyday menu options onscreen in clear English. You don't have to "read" icons to use Gym Assistant - saves staff training time.

Another Gym Assistant time saver - members scanning barcodes at "check-in" won't interrupt your personal computer work. Their visit is recorded in background.

With Gym Assistant your business administration becomes hassle free.

From the member screen you can:
■ Add new members
■ Check-in members
■ Record a payment
■ Record measurements
■ Add notes
■ Add member's picture using a photo capture camera
■ Set-up membership plans
■ View member's payment and visit history

Here are some key features of "Gym Assistant":

Front Desk Check-in
■ Unattended check-in - members can check-in without interrupting your work
■ Supports barcode keytags, numeric keypad or biometric fingerprint scanner
■ Both onscreen and audible alerts indicate member status at check-in
■ Unlimited notes for each member record
■ Barcodes support built-in- laser & slot,Bio-Metric fingerprint scanning,numeric keypad
■ Member measurement tracking, automatic update measurement reminders
■ Offer a variety of member plans - Membership Plan, Punchcard Plan, Day-Pass Plan. Family memberships can be linked together so that all billing is charged to one family member
■ Flexible billing options: Paid-In-Full (PIF), ACH/EFT or credit card.

Payments, Billing, Banking
■ Integrated payment processing
■ Submit ACH/EFT charges today, and funds can clear within 48 hours.
■ Submit monthly card charges as a batch.
■ Submit swiped credit card charges, get authorization in seconds.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities
■ Membership reports, flexible filtering allows you to focus on the information you need
■ Memorize report parameters for later retrieval
■ Journal Summary, see how much you sold today
■ Attendance summary, detail and analysis, show which hours of the day require the most staff
■ Revenue analysis and projections, show month -to-month trends
■ Birthday Reports

Forms and letters
■ Sample letter & e-mail templates
■ Letter wizard with key insert fields for easy set-up
■ Send batch e-mails
■ Print mailing labels
■ Mail merge

Gym Assistant Database
■ Scalable capacity up to 32,000 member records
■ Upgrade to add additional membership records
■ Password protection


■ 10 MB free disk space


■ Database capacity is limited to 100 records
Last updated on March 19th, 2008
Gym Assistant - This is the main window of Gym Assistant that allows you to manage all your members and their personal information.Gym Assistant - Using this tab of Gym Assistant you can easily add and edit the selected member's information.Gym Assistant - You can manage the data backup and restore operations from this menu of Gym Assistant.Gym Assistant - From the member menu of Gym Assistant you can choose and personalize a wide variety of aspects related to each individual member in your club.Gym Assistant - Gym Assistant will also provide you with detailed reports on members, financial aspects, journal, visits and many more.Gym Assistant - The billing menu of Gym Assistant will enable you to control the financial tasks related to your business' administration.Gym Assistant - From the utilities menu of Gym Assistant you can sell a day-pass to a person which is not yet a member of your club and also access the special features of the application.Gym Assistant - The settings menu of Gym Assistant will allow you to extensively customize the application's running options.

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