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A powerful and intuitive Microsoft Excel plugin that allows you to seamlessly generate business risk strategies for your enterprise

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In order to compute the potential project or financial risks of your business, an ERM(Enterprise Risk Management) evaluation is required. Based on this premise, Invantive Control for Excel was created.

This piece of software allows you to simulate, analyze and predict some future financial risks that you could make in order to increase your capital and expand your enterprise. In order to properly function, the program requires Microsoft Office Excel installed on your computer, as well as .Net Framework and a database management utility.

Handy spreadsheet generation tool providing database server connection

With the help of Invantive Control for Excel you can evaluate your current business situation in order to discover possible threats or weakness, as well as profit opportunities and business expansion possibilities.

Using Microsoft Excel as a base program, this plugin gives you the possibility to evaluate the business resources you currently have at hand, then predict certain situations that might help you expand your business. By processing information from Excel spreadsheets and connecting to databases, you can create detailed risk matrices, models and plans then secure them with ease.

Intuitive risk strategy generator

Invantive Control for Excel provides you with an efficient way of determining business risk strategies, by simply studying the information from your spreadsheets and database tables.

Combining both database information with spreadsheet processing can help you avoid negative cash flows, optimize your financial auditing or get a clear view on your financial figures.

A handy Excel plugin for enterprise risk management

To sum it up, you can use Invantive Control for Excel in order to assess and predict positive financial risks that might help you expand your business and increase your capital value. By combining information from spreadsheets with the one in your databases, you can easily generate business risk strategies for your enterprise.

Invantive Control for Excel was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
Invantive Control for Excel - Invantive Control for Excel is a plugin that allows you to perform business risk analysis.Invantive Control for Excel - You can easily connect to a database and merge spreadsheet information with table queries.